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Shearwater - Sail the Abacos
Clayton Bruce Ost (Captain/Owner)

Captain's Bio

Clayton Bruce Ost (Captain/Owner)

Capt. Bruce cut his teeth on sailboats dodging big boat traffic in the busy commercial waters of the Hudson River in the New York City area. It didn't take long for his sailing wanderlust to draw him into adjacent waters like Long Island Sound and Raritan Bay. After 3 years of sailing and bits of racing on friends' boats he purchased his first sailboat. With that acquisition the scope of his cruising perimeters increased along with the hope of somehow living and working on the water someday. Subsequent sailing trips on both crewed and bareboat charters to the British Virgin Islands opened his eyes to the joys of the life of being a charter captain. Quite simply he realized that taking people on vacation on a sailboat was what he wanted to do for his occupation. And so in 2004 he "sold it all" in New York City and left his job to buy and live aboard the 57' catamaran Shearwater. The original plan was to head for the B.V.I.'s but an exploration of the Abaco Cays in the Bahamas while in transit stopped him in his tracks. These beautiful, protected cays on the Sea of Abaco along with their mix of natural wonders, fun night life and rich Bahamian culture led to the decision to stay.

A former recording studio owner and professional musician (he even toured for a year as a sideman with the rock band Aerosmith) Captain Bruce looks forward to taking you on the sailing vacation of a lifetime. And he might even dust off that old acoustic guitar and knock out a few songs if you request it!